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Ezines – Marketing Tool Or Business Venture?

There are many ezines that have moved beyond the realm of knowledge-based content to a business venture. These ezines did not originate as a marketing tool for an existing business – they started as informational and it developed into a business. One service in particular is called The Dabbling Mum. The owner of the site is also an accomplished editor. The service provides content at no cost to visitors, but provides authors with financial rewards for accepted articles. This ezine features content that can help with personal relationships, business ventures, recipes and other useful information.

And because the owner pays for material the standard of excellence is well above average and the interest among readers remains high. In this case the cost of developing the ezine is directly related to the fees collected in advertising and sales made through the online store. As the popularity of the site increases so does the interest among prospective advertisers. This owner made the decision to create something that was worth coming back to again and again. She knew that to develop the quality site she wanted she would have to enlist outside help so she became very active in recruiting talented writers from many different fields of expertise.

The site informs writers how to submit articles for potential publishing and helps them learn more about the publication and the types of writing she requires. Many writers continue to provide material for the Dabbling Mum to use. It is at this point the editor side of the site owner comes into play. She reviews the articles thoroughly, makes her selections, and works with the author to provide revisions until she is satisfied it meets or exceeds her standard of excellence. This magazine also relies on affiliate revenue as a means of keeping the ezine available at no cost to the site visitor. In most cases an ezine is developed to augment an existing business. In the case of this ezine and other similar sites it is the ezine that ultimately facilitates business. The reason this works for The Dabbling Mum is the emphasis on quality content. Because of the strong emphasis on quality the content does not remain static and the standard does not degrade over time. This site even features a variety of contests for reader participation.

The combination of skills needed to put the site together ultimately makes the ezine itself the basis for a business venture. Some businesses view an ezine as a necessary part of marketing an existing business, but The Dabbling Mum provides proof that if executed correctly an ezine can actually develop into the focal point of a business venture. Maybe you’ve never considered an ezine as a means of facilitating a healthy affiliate revenue program, but inventive entrepreneurs like the Dabbling Mum are discovering that the efficient use of a variety of marketing tools can create something much bigger than conventional wisdom might indicate possible. Ezines can help sell products, but they can also sell a concept that may be bigger than a single product. No matter how you seek to develop an ezine for your business it is possible to make ezines a potent marketing tool.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation