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Mistakes Affiliates Make-help For Newbies

Mistakes affiliates make result generally from a lack of knowledge. Yes, we know there are many ebooks showing affiliates the way to go. But remember, even the gurus had a learning curve. Gurus made mistakes too. The key for affiliates today is to learn as much as they can even as they join affiliate programs. The major portion of affiliate sales are raked in by only 5% of the affiliates! Please donít let that information discourage you.

Newbies especially, be encouraged. Here is the other side of the coin! A research firm Forrester Research, indicates that we affiliates will have $280 billion dollars/year to divide up amongst ourselves by 2008. Walk donít run, take your time, and learn the ropes. There is hope for us! But try to avoid the following: Affiliate Mistake #1 When you promote, be sure to promote the product. Nothing else, just the product.

Let the wealthy people who captured you into their program be concerned about promoting the program. You just focus on selling the product. Thatís what affiliates do. While youíre at it, endorse the product. You are your chief weapon in your marketing arsenal. Did you know that? Well you know it now. Tell them about the product. Let them know how it has benefited you. Endorse, endorse and endorse some more! Affiliate Mistake #2 Stay away from the heavy hitters. If your specialty in the offline world was marketing that doesnít mean youíre going to be great in the online world.

Swim in the waters where the small grunts are first. As you learn a few online tips and tricks, then you can wade into deeper water. But donít go out too far! The deeper waters of the Internet are known to be shark-infested. Affiliate Mistake #3 Are you capturing names and addresses? No! Youíve gotta be kidding me! Youíre letting money slip through your fingers. Answer this? Would you rather buy from someone that you trust, or someone that you donít trust? Yeah! I figured so. Collect those emails and start to build some trust with your very own list. Take your time with this. Donít rush them. Donít bug them either. Work on that list immediately.

Affiliate Mistake #4 Keep track of the promotions you do. Some will be duds. Thereís nothing worse than throwing money after an unprofitable promotion. What makes it worse is that you may have a profitable promotion that you arenít paying much attention to but should be. Affiliate Mistake #5 While youĎre working on your affiliate programs whatís happening with your own product? What was that? I didnít hear you? No? Okay, what do you like to do? Quite frankly you may not be able to pursue what you are passionate about. But there must be something you can do? Everyone on the topside has a gift. Is it plumbing? Gardening? You must have something up your sleeve. If itís something youíre passionate about, and it works online, you may have arrived. But you wonít know until you take action. Letís be realistic.

Youíre going to make mistakes, youíre human. Allow me to encourage you with this; there is more money out there than the mistakes you can make. Youíll be an expert one day. And when that happens you wonít be able to get out of the way of those affiliate commissions.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation