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A Guide to Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral marketing has garnered much attention today. The way it spreads a marketing message can be very effective. Internet viral marketing behaves like a virus, as the name implies. The marketing message has a tendency to be spread through virus-like activity. There are many well-known ways of creating a fuzz through Internet viral marketing. One can utilize site links, referral programs and other viral marketing techniques to be able to reach his target audience.

A bright idea is the start of the viral marketing venture and this is made operational through the right techniques. This article tries to explain some of the other viral marketing techniques that are out there on the Internet. These are tools which can sometimes be overseen by the marketer because his vision of viral marketing is limited. Here are some of the techniques which can be effective in spreading a marketing message: Create an award Awards catch attention. When someone or something is given an award, it creates fuzz in the target audience.

One can look into award creation to be able to attract people and be successful in spreading the marketing message. Distributing a free software Everybody loves freebies! If one is competent in creating software programs for different applications, he can actually use them to as marketing tools. One must make sure, though, that the software contains some kind of advertisement containing the marketing message. Providing free email account This is the technique that was employed by hotmail when it initially started. Every person who signed up for their free email account carried the marketing message. This simple idea turned hotmail into a craze and its owners into millionaires. Although doing the same thing today may not emulate the results which were generated by hotmail, but it still is an effective way of marketing. Providing free web space Again, freebies are loved by everyone. If one has the option to give free web space to enthusiasts, he can do so. This is a way of effectively marketing a message since people will be intrigued and enticed by the free web space offer.

One can make a deal with the people who would want to get some free web space. One can demand to put up his logo, or the marketing mechanism in the website that will be developed by the one who availed the free web space. Creating a top 100 site Viral marketing can be seen as a game of getting hits from the Internet users. A “top 100” website is very popular for people who are researching for something or engaged in plain web surfing. They would like to get quick information about the best websites that are out there. The problem of too much information on the Internet can be used as an effective tool for viral marketing. Offering free e-cards The keyword here is, again- Free! Offering free graphics, banners, templates If one is involved in doing artworks, he can publicize his works and offer them to different people who might want to use them for their own purposes. Again, one must be creative in using these media in marketing. Offering free consultation If one is a specialist in a certain area, he can offer free services for a certain period of time or for a certain topic and use this opportunity to relay his marketing message. Offering specialized link directory People are always looking for specialized link directories.

This is connected to the problem of having too much information in the Internet. Sometimes, people just want to get information faster. Free newsletter with bonuses Newsletters can directly contain the marketing message that one would want to convey, but of course, people should have some incentive to look at the newsletters. Free redirect service. Linking with other websites can be used as a viral marketing tool. There are many people who are doing this right now. Free screensavers In using screensavers, one should have a general theme so that people can identify with them. Free autoresponder service An autoresponder service is a program which automatically responds to emails that are sent to the responder. Free email course A free email course can be used by marketers since it is a good way to learn and get information about the basics of getting connected through the net. Writing articles and distributing them for reprint If one is a good writer, he can write articles and use them to be able to convey his message.

The articles may not necessarily contain the message itself but arrangements should made by the marketer with the other party. Using forums and discussion boards (using signatures) If one has a discussion board in his website, he might as well let people use it for free. An advertisement at the top of the discussion board will definitely be an effective way to market the website. Start your own affiliate program (one of the best method to generating traffic and sales!) Affiliate programs give incentives to webmasters to put up your banners into their websites. This is one of the most popular viral marketing techniques today. Joint Ventures Special arrangements can be made with the webmasters so as to maximize the potentials of the banners and minimize the cost of putting them up. Provide free guestbook Providing a free guestbook will attract people because it is an avenue where they can share their ideas and these ideas will eventually be read by others. Provide free forum Forums are quite popular. People love to have conversations and forums are one of the main reasons why people visit a certain website.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation