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Maximizing Your Online Income With Google Adsense

When it comes to making money as a publisher from Google Adsense, some webmasters have difficulties getting their ad displays right and therefore leave a lot of money on the table.Google Adsense is by far is the most popular contextual advertising program used by online publishers worldwide. Adsense has variety of revenue generating products starting from Pay per click ads, Adsense for search, referrals for Firefox with Google toolbar, or other Google products (a complete list is available when you log into your Adsense account). Many webmasters think that just copying and pasting the Google Adsense code into a web page will create a huge amount of money, but that assumption is a mistake. Here are some tips to increase your online income from Google Adsense. 1) Make sure the ads that are appearing on your site are related with your current content.

When placing the Adsense code into the page for the first time, it can take a while until targeted ads show up. If after 24 hours still not matching ads show up, you should look into section targeting with Google Adsense. Section Targeting helps Google to pick the right keywords on your website to deliver better matching ads. 2) Keyword Density. Experiment with the density of keywords on your website.

If you use the proper keyword density in your content, your website will attract better targeted ads. the result will be that your visitors are far more likely to click on a relevant ad. 3) Use Online Keyword research tools like Overture Keyword Tool,, the Google Keyword Research Tool, or Wordtracker to pick the best keywords for your website. The reason for this is that you want to get as many visitors as possible to your website. Keywords that are searched for often are good to have on your website. You will also need these keywords for link building and SEO so that your website ranks for those important keywords. 4) Experiment with different ad formats and colors. No "one size fits all" exists when it comes to Google Adsense. Testing is needed to optimize your income.

Try ads with borders and without, too. 5) Embed your Adsense ads in your content. Use CSS to have the content flow around the ads as that can improve clicks to your ads significantly. Make sure that the font used on your website matches the font used by Google Adsense. 6) DO NOT place any image near your ads to attract better click-thru's. This technique was allowed for a while, but recently Google Adsense updated the Terms of Service and by placing images near the ads you would violate the TOS. However, you still find websites out there that have not been updated to reflect this change. These webmasters are risking their membership in Google Adsense. 7) Rotate Google Adsense Ads Colors to reduce common Ad Blindness. To prevent regular users from ignoring the ads, you can rotate different types of color palettes for your Adsense ads.

The best way to do this is to use an ad or banner rotation software like OpenAds (formerly known as PHPAdsNew). 8) Track your ad performance. Google gives you the ability to track ads by website or by custom channel. Up to 200 custom channels can be set up. Again, testing is critical for your success.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation