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How To Make Affiliate Marketing Easy

Just how hard can it be to put up a squeeze page, a pre-sales page, and start making money on affiliate products? When you look at all the people on the internet today that are making money it doesn't seem it would be all that hard. The thing is, when you ask people that are making money online nearly every one of them give you a story about working for months or even a couple of years before they figured out how to make money as an affiliate. Do you want to start your affiliate career like that? Most people don't. They want to invest a little money and time to start making money as an affiliate marketer in a month or less. Can you blame them? No you can't. When I started trying to market on the internet I took advice from the wrong people, spend several thousand dollars and made zilch over a six month period.

Then by accident I actually found one of the secrets to making money in affiliate marketing. What did I find? It is really simple but has several steps. 1 - Select a niche you know about and enjoy. 2 - select multiple products from that niche to promote. 3 - Research your keywords for the niche and the products.

4 - Make sure the product gives the value it advertises. 5 - Setup a squeeze page and a complementary free gift. 6 - Create your email sequence to promote to those that don't buy. 7 - Create a pre-sales page that puts people in the mood to buy. 8 - Start promoting the products you have selected. Think of it this way. Let's say you select 10 products from a niche you know and enjoy. You setup your squeeze pages and pre-sales pages then start sending traffic to them. You have 10 products so if you make $300 a month from each that is $3,000 a month profits. Do you believe you can sale 10 items a month that makes you $30 each sale or 20 that makes you $15 each sale? Do you think you can duplicate this sequence of events 10 times? You can and there is a very easy way to do it.

It is called Smart Money Websites. You have a dashboard that you use to track your adds, the percentage of opt-ins and the percentage of click throughs to your affiliate pages. You can setup your squeeze page and pre-sales page in short order with no HTML or other techie experience AND it has a built in auto-responder for each site so you have everything you need tech wise in one package that cost less than a coffee a day. This is the real reason those new to affiliate marketing don't make money. They are busy learning the tech end of the business. They spend 90% of their time setting up web pages and tracking adds. They don't collect names and email addresses and they don't use an auto-responder. Now you know how you can get started and make money the first month as an affiliate.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation