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Deceptive Advertising

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This is the first book designed to assist behavioral scientists in the preparation of scholarly or applied research regarding deceptive advertising which will ultimately affect public policy in this area. Because there was an inadequate foundation upon which to build a program of research for this topic, a three-part solution has been devised:
1) a review of how deception is viewed and regulated
2) a theory of how consumers process deceptive information
3) a sensitive and consistent means of measuring deceptiveness.
This text provides detailed discussions regarding the intersection of law and behavioral science and its application to deceptive advertising. In so doing, it offers a solid foundation upon which to base expanded behavioral research into how consumers are deceived by advertising claims, and what cognitive processes are involved in that deception.

The Management Of International Advertising

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The recent trend toward a multifaceted business environment that is global rather than strictly national in nature makes it increasingly important for advertising and communication professionals to understand the principles and practices of marketing and advertising planning in international markets. Kaynak presents both a comprehensive guide to the social, cultural, technological, political, and economic influences that affect the international advertising business and a practical handbook on specific advertising processes and practices. The author shows that in most cases, advertising systems, practices, and procedures vary from one country to another and that these differences are related to differences in the respective countries' demographic, socio-economic, cultural, and technological development. Kaynak fully examines these different approaches, offering the reader a detailed and practical look at how advertising is done in other countries and why it is done that way. Among the topics Kaynak treats in-depth are the internationalization of advertising agencies, the legal restraints on international advertising, and the relationship between advertising and socio-economic development. Case examples of international, multinational and transnational firms and advertising agencies are used to illustrate the transition from a general international advertising planning approach to specific international advertising policy and strategy development. Separate chapters devoted to comparative advertising systems and cross-cultural/national advertising explore the reasons for similarities and differences in advertising practices and examine in detail particular advertising strategies and tactics. Throughout, Kaynak takes into account the practical concerns of advertising professionals, making this an excellent resource for both current and aspiring advertising managers and executives.

Cartoon Art In Business Advertising

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Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation