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Marketing Budgeting

RRP $441.99

This book represents a radical departure from the established theory in taking an organisational view of resource allocation in marketing, which stresses the importance of structure and process rather than just budgeting technique. The book describes and analyses marketing organisation and processes in terms of organisational power and politics and models market budgets as political outcomes.

Competitive Marketing (rle Marketing)

RRP $640.99

This volume is a text-book for students of marketing, providing a basic understanding of the concept and techniques of marketing. It shows how basic background information relating to the UK market may be integrated into business planning and how information from other sources should be incorporated and used.

Strategic Marketing In Hospitality And Tourism

RRP $432.99

This book is a grand probe into the dynamic and evolving nature of strategic marketing in the hospitality and tourism industry. Strategic dimensions of marketing are presented and Internet is treated as an important part of the strategic marketing iceberg to promote a hybrid marketing stance by incorporating traditional marketing techniques. Multiple components of marketing are identified to formulate a strategic online marketing model that is resilient and holds potential to adapt as contemporary environments change. This book is unique in that it proposes a broader treatment of online marketing initiatives by integrating its various dimensions and treating social media both as a cash cow and as a crucial investment tool within an integrated tourism system environment. Special insights are offered on sustainability perspectives/initiatives, contemporary social media marketing strategies, and growth of mobile systems. The distinct characteristics of this piece of scholarly work lie in its: 1) update of the most recent progress made in the field of strategic marketing with special emphasis on online marketing strategies, 2) presentation of a strategic online marketing model that embraces a holistic tourism systems approach, 3) offering global insights into the manner strategic on-line marketing perspectives are pursued by different tourism sectors, and 4) developing a smart marketing paradigm that integrates different tourism sectors to promote value chain offerings in a sustainable manner. Particularly, this book makes a unique contribution to existing literature by furthering the strategic online marketing model to embrace a smart systems perspective.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation