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Nonlinear Identification And Control

RRP $37.95

The series Advances in Industrial Control aims to report and encourage technology transfer in control engineering. The rapid development of control technology has an impact on all areas of the control discipline. New theory, new controllers, actuators, sensors, new industrial processes, computer methods, new applications, new philosophies . . ., new challenges. Much of this development work resides in industrial reports, feasibility study papers and the reports of advanced collaborative projects. The series otTers an opportunity for researchers to present an extended exposition of such new work in all aspects of industrial control for wider and rapid dissemination. The time for nonlinear control to enter routine application seems to be approaching. Nonlinear control has had a long gestation period but much ofthe past has been concerned with methods that involve formal nonlinear functional model representations. It seems more likely that the breakthough will come through the use of other more flexible and amenable nonlinear system modelling tools. This Advances in Industrial Control monograph by Guoping Liu gives an excellent introduction to the type of new nonlinear system modelling methods currently being developed and used. Neural networks appear prominent in these new modelling directions. The monograph presents a systematic development of this exciting subject. It opens with a useful tutorial introductory chapter on the various tools to be used. In subsequent chapters Doctor Liu leads the reader through identification, and then onto nonlinear control using nonlinear system neural network representations.

Nonlinear Dynamics Of A Wheeled Vehicle

RRP $684.99

This monograph provides an overview of the theory of stability analysis and its applications. It focuses on various methods for analyzing wheeled vehicle behavior. The authors provide both basic and advanced knowledge of the subject. The book summarizes their research experience and extensive teaching. A large number of practical examples are included throughout to help readers understand the theory introduced.

The book has several original features:

- The stability analysis of nonlinear systems that is carried out utilizes the definitions of stability in the sense of Lapunov ("mathematical stability") and the definitions of stability in the sense of Bogusz ("technical stability").

- The book emphasizes stability analysis of wheeled vehicles and their systems.

- Computer-aided methods for investigations of wheeled vehicle behaviors are discussed.

Nonlinear Modeling And Applications: V. 2

RRP $793.99

This the second volume of five from the 28th IMAC on Structural Dynamics and Renewable Energy, 2010, bringing together 17 chapters on Applications of Non-Linear Dynamics. It presents early findings from experimental and computational investigations on Non-Linear Dynamics including studies on Dynamics of a System of Coupled Oscillators with Geometrically Nonlinear Damping, Assigning the Nonlinear Distortions of a Two-input Single-output System, A Multi-harmonic Approach to Updating Locally Nonlinear Structures, A Block Rocking on a Seesawing Foundation, and Enhanced Order Reduction of Forced Nonlinear Systems Using New Ritz Vectors.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation