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Cupid's Guide To Online Dating

RRP $16.99

It's hard to believe that in a society with 1 in 4 relationships starting online, there are so few guidebooks to online dating.

You don't have to settle for being alone anymore when the answers to finding your soulmate are accurately, yet humorously covered in Cupid's Guide to Online Dating.

From setting up your profile to mastering the first date, if you've ever wondered what it takes to successfully find love online, Cupid's Guide to Online Dating is for you.

Best Practices Of Online Education

RRP $262.99

The book provides best practices from online educators who are engaged in online teaching and program development in Christian higher education. It also explores the distinct aspects of teaching and developing online courses and programs from a Christian perspective and within Christian higher education institutions. As such it is can serve as a ready resource for academic administrators and professors, novices and veterans at online program development and instruction.

Vibrational-rotational Excitations In Nonlinear Molecular Systems

RRP $41.95

"If there would be no God ~ then what a staff-captain am I?" ~ said one of the characters in a novel by Dostoevskii. In a similar way we can exclaim: "If there would be no nonlinearity ~ than what physics would that be'?". Really, the most interesting and exciting effects are described by non­ linear equations, and vanish in the linear approximation. For example, the general theory of relativity by A.Einstein comes to mind first - one of the most beautiful physical theories, which is in fact essentially nonlinear. Next, the phase transitions crystal ~ liquid and liquid ~ gas are due to the anhar­ monicity of inter-particle interactions, to dissociation and infinite motion. Similarly, transitions into the superconducting state or the superftuid would be impossible with purely harmonic interaction potentials. Another bril­ liant achievement in nonlinear physics was the construction of a laser and the subsequent development of nonlinear optics. The latter describes the in­ teraction of the matter with light of super-high intensity, when multi-quanta intra-molecular transitions become essential. Last, we should note here the very beautiful mathematical theory ~ the theory of catastrophes. Its subject is the study of invariant general properties of multi-dimensional surfaces in the vicinity of bifurcation points with respect to continuous transformations.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation