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This book documents CCPS's Aerosol Research Program to develop a model to predict liquid rainout from release of a pressurized, liquefied gas - and, hence the residual amount of material in a vapour cloud, which may be greater than the amount calculated from an enthalpy chart. "Release" predicts the rate of fluid discharge, the depressurization, flashing and formation of liquid drops, the entrainment of drops into the vapour cloud, the subsequent spreading of the jet, and rate of liquid rainout to a pool on the ground. Designed in a modular fashion to permit adjustment and corrections as new data become available, its multi-layered approach contains sub-models that include the complexities of many variables, including the effect of liquid superheat, rate of bubble growth, criterion for bubble formation, and heat transfer from the liquid to the growing vapour bubble. To validate "Release", CCPS conducted small- and large-scale experiments using superheated water, heated liquefied chlorine, methylamine, and cyclohexane that produced valuable data in an area where data are scarce. This book gives complete access, in text and on CD-ROM, to the model and the test data, giving users an informed ability to apply the model to their own work.

How To Write A Press Release

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A well-written press release can help your business achieve several objectives:

- it can generate internet publicity
- it can define your message and defend your brand
- it can get links with high-ranking websites
- it can make your content indexable by major search engines
- it can make your message available to news outlets and thousands of RSS recipients

Although it can seem daunting, there is no reason that any business owner cannot take advantage of the nearly free publicity offered by press releases by easily writing and submitting one within a single day. (And, once you discover it's effectiveness, you will likely begin distributing press releases on a regular basis.)

This guide provides dozens of easy-to-follow pointers geared at helping you craft a professional press release that will be eagerly accepted by most media outlets. From Brian Cook, owner of "Custom Press Releases" and author of "Local Web Secrets," this popular guide can help you grow your small business and have fun doing it.

A Press Release From The Color Black

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The influence of positive thinking in your everyday life will change your outlook and improve optimistic energy. Keeping a positive attitude will compel you and the people you are in contact with to perk up life and give you more joy and satisfaction. The first step to improving your attitude is to turn a negative into a positive. Have you heard the saying "Every cloud has a silver lining?" The book A Press Release from the Color Black turns the supposed negative color in the crayon box into a positive. A Press Release from the Color Black will enlighten its readers on black's optimistic positive side, creates a new way of rethinking thoughts, and gives you the chance to explore your feelings about the perception of skin tone, the world we live in, our place in the universe and beauty of nature. The goal of A Press Release from the Color Black is to reinvent the color black to the entire world. This is the end of the road for black's unofficial, official status of an evil gloomy Gus.

A Pocketful Of Rhyme Expressions From Northern Ireland

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This book presents general poetry written by primary school children of ages 7-11 years.

Controlled Release

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The concept of controlled release has attracted increasing attention over the last two decades, with the applications of this technology proliferating in diverse fields in­ cluding medicine, agriculture and biotechnology. Research and developmental efforts related to controlled release are multiplying in both industry and academia. The reason for this phenomenal growth is obvious. The use of a variety of biologically active agents, such as drugs, fertilizers and pesticides, has become an integral part of modern society. Along with the use of these reagents has evolved an awareness that their uncontrolled application almost inevitably induces harmful effects on the health of humans and their surrounding environments. To eliminate or minimize these harmful effects necessitates the controlled release of these chemicals. Moreover, the controlled release of substances, not usually considered toxic or hazardous, e.g., some catalysts and nutrients, can enhance their effectiveness. The number and variety of controlled release systems, differing in their physical and chemical makeup, are increasing rapidly. Proliferation almost always demands correlation, generalization and unification; it requires both the development of underlying theories of their behavior and the mechanistic interpretation of their performance. This, in turn, requires a statistical and mathematical (quantitative) treatment of the scientific information and technical data pertaining to them. A quantitative treatment can also facilitate the formulation of procedures for computer-aided design of these systems through a priori prediction of their per­ formance for a variety of design parameters.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation