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Como Puede Un Hombre Controlar Sus Pensamientos, Deseos Y Pasiones / A Man's Strategy For Conquering Temptation (40 Minute Bible Studies)

RRP $15.99

En la actualidad, la pornografia se encuentra en un completo desenfreno. Los hombres estan siendo constantemente expuestos a mujeres parcialmente vestidas, escenas con sexo explicito y conversaciones eroticas y excitantes. Todo esto hace arder el fuego de las pasiones y deseos del hombre, transportando sus pensamientos a un mundo irreal y repleto de fantasias con actividades sexuales ilicitas. Frente a esto surge la pregunta: Acaso el hombre podra ser victorioso al enfrentar tales tentaciones? Aprende junto a nosotros el plan de Dios para la abstinencia de la inmoralidad sexual, fisica y mental. Pornography today is rampant. Men are constantly being exposed to partially dressed women, lovemaking scenes, and stimulating conversations. All of these fuel the fire of a man's passions and desires, leading his thoughts to a fantasy world of illicit sexual activity. Can he be victorious over such temptations? Learn God's plan for abstaining from sexual immorality, physically and mentally.

Theory Of Nonlinear Propagation Of High Harmonics Generated In A Gaseous Medium

RRP $354.99

Theory of Nonlinear Propagation of High Harmonics Generated in a Gaseous Medium establishes the theoretical tools to study High-Order Harmonic Generation (HHG) by intense ultrafast infrared lasers in atoms and molecules. The macroscopic propagation of both laser and high-harmonic fields is taken into account by solving Maxwell's wave equations, while the single-atom or single-molecule response is treated with a quantitative rescattering theory by solving the time-dependent Schrodinger equation. This book demonstrates for the first time that observed experimental HHG spectra of atoms and molecules can be accurately reproduced theoretically when precise experimental conditions are known. The macroscopic HHG can be expressed as a product of a macroscopic wave packet and a photorecombination cross section, where the former depends on laser and experimental conditions while the latter is the property of target atoms or molecules. The factorization makes it possible to retrieve microscopically atomic or molecular structure information from the measured macroscopic HHG spectra. This book also investigates other important issues about HHG, such as contributions from multiple molecular orbitals, the minimum in the HHG spectrum, the spatial mode of laser beams, and the generation of an isolated attosecond pulse. Additionally, this book presents the photoelectron angular distribution of aligned molecules ionized by the HHG light.

Gaseous Detonations

RRP $119.00

My introduction to the fascinating phenomena associated with detonation waves came through appointments as an external fellow at the Department of Physics, University College of Wales, and at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds. Very special thanks for his accurate guidance through the large body of information on gaseous detonations are due to Professor D. H. Edwards of University College of Wales. Indeed, the onerous task of concisely enumerating the key features of unidimensional theories of detonations was undertaken by him, and Chapter 2 is based on his initial draft. When the text strays to the use of we, it is a deserved acknow- ledgement of his contribution. Again, I should like to thank Professor D. Bradley of Leeds University for his enthusiastic encouragement of my efforts at developing a model of the composition limits of detonability through a relationship between run-up distance and composition of the mixture. The text has been prepared in the context of these fellowships, and I am grateful to the Central Electricity Generating Board for its permission to accept these appointments.



Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation


Marketing Advertising SEO Online
Affiliate Announcement Press Release Segmentation