Advertising Basics!

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Advertising Basics! is a one-stop resource for anyone who wishes to understand and unravel the exciting world of advertising. Beginning from the basics, the book uses a simple commonsense approach to explain everything one wants to know about advertising and how the industry works on a daily basis.

The book begins with a brief history which gives the reader an understanding of how advertising has evolved from the way it was practiced earlier in the teeming bazaars to its sophisticated and technologically advancedavatar today. The authors then discuss each aspect of the advertising industry in detail, giving pointers, suggestions and in-depth analysis of how things work in each department.

Some of the highlights of this text are:

- A holistic introduction which gives the reader a pan-industry perspective of advertising.

- The nitty-gritties of copywriting for the main media-newspapers, magazines, radio, film, television and the Internet.

- Detailed chapters on advertising agencies, client servicing and the creative aspects of advertising.

- Pointers on how to conduct an advertising campaign.

- Numerous advertisements which illustrate the theory and examples used in the book.

- Tips on how to select an advertising agency and in what circumstances the agency should be changed.

- A simple, approachable and anecdotal style of writing which the reader will enjoy.

Advertising And Promotion

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To effectively plan, implement, and evaluate Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) programs, one must understand the overall marketing process, consumer behavior, and communications theory. Belch/Belch's Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective draws from the authors' extensive research in advertising, consumer behavior, communications, marketing, sales promotion, and other fields to give students a basis for understanding the marketing communications process, how it influences consumer decision making, and how to develop promotional strategies. In addition to thorough coverage of advertising, Belch's eleventh edition has chapters on sales promotion, direct marketing, the Internet including social media and mobile marketing, support media such as outdoor advertising, product placement and integration, and publicity/public relations, with emphasis on the integration of advertising with other promotional-mix elements and the need to understand their role and overall contribution.

Surfing The Internet Safely

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Internet Guidance for youth and adults Easy to read with great practice lessons, this book guides youth and adults into being able to find the information they need while doing so safely. With many pictures and detailed explanations readers will have fun while learning a skill that will last their whole lives.

It will:

Cover all aspects of using an Internet browser Have examples of some topics youth age children look for and how to best find the information Discuss the different search engines and their results Show how to get the information from a browser into another program such as word processing. Go through saving information from the Internet to use later Discuss printing from the Internet Discuss shopping on the Internet Discuss social networking on the Internet Discuss Internet predators and how to avoid them Have exercises in "put it into practice sections" and two projects at the end of the book Many recommendations for both youth and adults on Internet safety practices Have a special chapter for parents and teachers to help keep family members and their computer safe

The exercises provide a great opportunity for adults to interact with their family and learn too